Resident Evil 2 Remake Game Review

Overview I have been a long-time-die-hard fans of Resident Evil series. I’m not the bravest person, in reality I might be the most scaredy-cat person ever, but all of that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the series ever since I played it the first time when I was a little kid. In fact, the first […]



I have been a long-time-die-hard fans of Resident Evil series. I’m not the bravest person, in reality I might be the most scaredy-cat person ever, but all of that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the series ever since I played it the first time when I was a little kid. In fact, the first ever RE game that I played was Resident Evil 2. So now I will pay homage to this series by giving my review on their latest game, Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Into the Raccoon City Once More…

Resident Evil 2 Remake is the latest installment in Resident Evil series by Capcom. It is a survival-horror game and it was released on 25th of January 2019 worldwide for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The remake version of 1998’s game that goes by the same name, Resident Evil 2, brings back our past memories that haunted us to life.

The game’s plot is more or less the same as the original game. RE2 takes place in the Raccoon City where the protagonists, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, met on a fateful night when they were visiting the city with their own purpose. Leon is a rookie police officer who are going to begin his job in the Raccoon Police Department, while Claire is a college student who are looking for his brother, Chris, which is one of the police officer in the RPD as well.

RE2 (1998) – RE2 Remake (2019) Comparison

The biggest difference between this remake version and the original person is the main gameplay perspective. The original game used fixed camera angles, while the remake version uses third-person camera angles. Capcom also used the same game engine that has been used for previous installment, RE7: Biohazard, which looks very beautiful both for the environment and character graphics. Facial expression on this game is really well done.

RE2 Dark Environment

The first time I went into this game’s world, I can already feel the creepiness by how Capcom made the environment of this game. The environment is purposefully made to be dark with realistic lighting and darker shadows. At some places, it’s really hard to see the surroundings without the help of flashlight. The chaotic mess of the city, the corpse of people littering on the streets, and the voices of zombies growling are just a few more factors that would add to the creepy factors.

The way combat is implemented in the game is also an amazing experience for me. When I just begun, combat feels so difficult. Taking out one zombie with a handgun felt so tricky and the zombie seems like they are bullet sponges, as they can’t be killed with just simply one headshot just as we expected it to be like in the movies. Shooting them on the head most likely just staggers them, unless if you are lucky and critical hits came out so their head explode with just one hit.

RE2 Limb Damage

The interesting part is, shooting them in different parts of the limbs also produced a different outcome. Shooting them on the knee and decapitating the legs will make them fall down and crawling on the floor. Shooting them on the arms will make them less aggressive as they lost their arms to grab you. There is a learning curve here. What seems to be a difficult task at first would becoming more manageable as you play the game minutes by minutes. When you have mastered the art of combat, or at least fully understand how the combat works, all the hard work seems to pay off. The combat becoming very, very, very enjoyable and satisfying to do.

Item management plays a part on the game too, just like the other RE games before this. The players have a limited spaces of inventory to bring items. Every excessive baggage has to be stored in the Item Box. That way, the players has to decide what to brought with them while they are travelling from one point to other places. When players inventory slot is full, or if they forgot to bring important item with them, then they would have risked to backtrack their steps to the nearest Item Box available.

RE2 Inventory System

Depends on the player’s playing style, supplies can be a scarce thing in this game. If you can’t manage your supplies such as healing items and ammo well, you will run out of them faster than you would expected to be. Sometimes even when you are saving them really well, you might used them all up in the next encounter with Lickers or other bigger enemies. Furthermore, the adaptive difficulty also plays a part in this. RE are quite known to implement this feature where the difficulty would rise as you play better, and drop as you play poorly. This way, any kind of players, good or bad, would face the same terror no matter how they play the game, as better players will face tougher situation than the less skillful players. Hence with this game design, players can play with their own tempo and style while having the same experience.

When I finally feel confident of my combat skills, the fear meter would obviously go down, right? Well, that’s what I thought too at that time, until I met Mr. X…

RE2 Remake Tyrant Encounter

At some point of the game, you will encounter an enemy called Tyrant or the so-called Mr. X where our combat skill will be crashing down as Tyrant is basically invincible and cannot be kill. He will haunts you in the building by constantly patrolling, searching for you. What makes it terrifying the most is his sounds of footsteps. Even when you are on another level of building, you can still hear him walking above or below you. This kind of stimuli will force the player to heightened their sense of hearing, which in turns will also heightened player’s nervousness and fear. We never know where he will pop up next. You don’t want to be trapped on small cramped room when the Tyrant are coming for you…

Based on that, I can already say that the sound design of this game is spectacular. The ambience, the background music, the background voices mixed up into one big factor that affects the player’s emotion. There are not a lot of games that could implement this kind of sound design which can make players to stop and hear closely everytime they want to open a door. The sound makes players immersed into the game’s world and made them forget that this is just a video game.

On a technical side, I am impressed with the game sizes. The game only takes up to 25GB of storage space for the whole game. Such an economic size for a game with this quality. Capcom also have released an update of this game which gives us a free DLC (in a form of extra scenario) that tells the non-canon story of few others characters in the game. This is such a treat for the players and respectable from Capcom that deserved more praise. But beside that, there is also a bit flaw on the technical side as I have seen a lot of players found a glitch where the character is walking in the air after getting bit by zombie on the stairs. Other than that, the knife damage is somehow tied to the FPS of the game. Hence the PC players benefits from this as they can make the game run on higher than 60 FPS which is the maximum for the console version.

My other personal critics about this game is the darkness. The darkness itself is not really a bad point, as I also know it is their intention to made it so. But at least the ability to let us use the flashlight manually would be great, because sometimes even the place that was supposed to be lit is still a bit too dark for my eyes.


Great graphic, satisfying combat, amazing survival-horror experience, and nostalgic characters and story for long-time RE fans. The best and the most terrifying Resident Evil series that I have experienced for the past few years.

Score: 9.5/10

Suitable for: mature audiences, experienced and even casual gamers who like survival-horror genre, RE series fans both old and new.

Not-suitable for: kids (gore, violence, scary theme), those who doesn’t enjoy learning curve in games, those who have weak heart condition xD

Please note that review is a work based on personal opinion. Any bad/good review might not represent the whole sentiments of all players. Feel free to share your opinion on the discussion section below. Thank you for reading!

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David C

Pandcake looks like a pro review smile

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Dr. Ware

I am blown away! You have to write more game reviews. I posted this to our Facebook page. This article is amazing!

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It looks like we have another resident blogger. I think you can build a real following on this site. I’m thinking about opening a Gaming room in the new chat where members can post their own reviews and chat about gaming. Anyway, well done and please keep it coming!

Debbie Ringle

Wow!! You have done an excellent review here!! Your detail and personal thoughts are great!


Rad review. I don’t usually make it half way through when it comes to long reviews but this one …..I read it all hah •_•