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The fake French minister in a silicon mask who stole millions

By British Broadcasting Corporation | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] Identity theft is said to be the world’s fastest-growing crime, but in sheer chutzpah there can be few cons to match the story of the fake French minister from Ukraine and his silicon mask. For two years from late 2015, an individual or individuals impersonating France’s defence minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, scammed an […]

Russia and Putin: Is president's popularity in decline?

By British Broadcasting Corporation | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] Within months of Russian President Vladimir Putin clinching his fourth term in office, Russia hosted the World Cup. It was June 2018, and all eyes were on the country. The competition went off without a hitch – and fans and teams alike praised their Russian hosts for putting on such a smooth show. […]

The African 'poverty safari' on wheels

By British Broadcasting Corporation | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] An immersive experience intended to show UK citizens “the sights, sounds and smells of a developing country” has come in for criticism, with one politician labelling the charity initiative a “poverty safari”. As an African who grew up in Europe, the kind of poverty I am aware of is mainly the Western kind: […]

North Korea: Who is sending aid?

By British Broadcasting Corporation | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] Chinese President Xi Jinping is making his first visit to North Korea this week. Chinese state media says both sides will discuss the political tensions on the Korean Peninsula, but China is also North Korea’s most important economic partner. North Korea urgently needs food aid as a result of failed rains and a […]

How can a company be valued at billions, but not make any profit?

By British Broadcasting Corporation | June 19, 2019
[Original Post]

Gulf crisis: Close up to stricken oil tanker with the US Navy

By British Broadcasting Corporation | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] The US military says one of the oil tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman last week was damaged by a mine resembling those used by the Iranian security forces. The attack was the second such incident in the strategic shipping lane in a month. Tehran has denied any involvement. The BBC was […]

Clapping back against racial stereotypes

By British Broadcasting Corporation | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] Elijah Lawal has written The Clapback – a guide to how to call out harmful stereotypes. He defines a Clapback as “responding to a (often ignorant) notion with a withering comeback” with the aim of “shutting it down”. We gave Elijah some stereotypes we found on Twitter so he could show us how […]

Leslie Marshall: AOC and Trump should both tone down fiery immigration rhetoric

By Fox News | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] There is plenty to criticize about President Trump’s obsession with illegal immigration and the false claims he has made giving the impression that many unauthorized immigrants are violent criminals and drug dealers. But Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went overboard when she compared U.S. detention facilities holding such immigrants to Nazi concentration camps. Like many […]

Prosecutors to appeal would-be bomber's 16-year sentence

By Fox News | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] CHICAGO – Federal prosecutors plan to appeal the 16-year prison sentence given to a man for trying to kill hundreds of people by detonating what he thought was a car bomb outside a crowded Chicago bar in 2012. Prosecutors requested a 40-year sentence for Adel Daoud, who entered an Alford plea last November. […]

More than 180 Haitians caught by Border Patrol sector in a week

By Fox News | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] Border Patrol agents are tackling a new influx of migrants from Haiti coming across the U.S. border, an unexpected change from the anticipated flow from Central America that has strained the U.S. immigration system. Over the past week, more than 180 Haitians have been arrested by Border Patrol agents at the Del Rio Station in Texas, […]

Shooting of David Ortiz result of mistaken identity, Dominican Republic lead prosecutor says

By Fox News | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was not the target of a shooting in a nightclub in his hometown on June 9, according to the Dominican Republic’s lead prosecutor. Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez said the shooting was result of mistaken identity, and the target was another man, dressed similarly to Ortiz, who was […]

Dominican AG: Ortiz shooting result of mistaken identity

By Fox News | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] next This combination of photos provided by the Dominican Republic National Police on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 show suspects in connection with the shooting of former Red Sox star David Ortiz in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Police identify the men as, top row from left, Rolfy Ferreyra, who has been identified as the […]

Mexico first to ratify USMCA trade deal, Trump presses U.S. Congress to do same

By Reuters News Agency | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico on Wednesday became the first country to ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) agreed late last year to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) at the behest of U.S. President Donald Trump. FILE PHOTO: Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador holds a news conference at the […]

Georgia parole board delays clemency for condemned man

By Fox News | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] In this Friday, June 14, 2019 photo, Chris Parks poses with a portrait of his brother Donovan Corey Parks in Powder Springs, Ga. Marion Wilson Jr. and Robert Earl Butts Jr. were convicted of murder and sentenced to death in the March 1996 killing of 24-year-old Donovan Corey Parks. Butts was executed in […]

2 killed when semitrailers explode on I-94 in Wisconsin

By Fox News | June 19, 2019
[Original Post] Smoke billows from a semi after a deadly crash on Interstate 94 in Caledonia, Wis, Wednesday, June 19, 2019. Authorities said the semi crashed and exploded and ignited other vehicles on the interstate in southeastern Wisconsin. (Katelyn Planka via AP) MOUNT PLEASANT, Wis. – Two semitrailers exploded into flames Wednesday on an interstate […]

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