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transibunt illud

By Julian el Maestro Magnifico | November 16, 2018

Someone asked me to try and describe my moods in my own words. Ha! like i am a poet (not!) Better writers than i have much more eloquently articulated the conflicting emotional states i frequently find myself struggling with.But (he said self-deprivingly), since they asked i’ll give it a try:“Nullius momenti est, omnino non amet”Why […]

Reading over the holidays!

By Ťε Ʀαʍα ᵃᵏᵃ Ť♅ꂅ ̶̡͗̀̊̍̓̑͌́̚͘Ç̴̙̙̿̋̔͂̕R̸̟̾Ö̶̠́͋̑͐̓W̶̢̺̲͕̘̮͈̘̯͂͜ | November 15, 2018

Ha!  This holiday I’m finding myself returning back to some classic reads that I’ve enjoyed! Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon – or Outlander But I’ve known this book by Cross Stitch and what I love about this book are the historical walkthrough steps of life in a time I just found fascinating! What is some […]


By zidane zizou | November 14, 2018


I’m here

By Alaskan Pup | November 13, 2018

Everyday you are reminded of your terrible past but…take this hand back to your feet and this ear that will always listen. You have an issue I’m always here for you.❤️❤️❤️

Conflicting moods part IV

By Julian el Maestro Magnifico | November 12, 2018

For the fourth installment in what seems to become a series, we return to my favourite band from Zeeland, Bløf. I sincerely apologize to their songwriter for taking his powerful yet thoughtful lines and butchering them with my non-existent translation skills… but they so convey what my own thoughts refuse to let out. This one […]

Why is there a new Media tab on my profile?

By Sarah Coder Girl | November 11, 2018

You’ll notice a new Media tab on your profiles. This is replacing the Photos tab. Many members have requested Instagram like features for photos. They want to comment on each other’s photos. They also want photos to post to the activity wall. To accomplish this required a total rewrite of the Photos application. Additionally, members […]

Conflicting moods part III

By Julian el Maestro Magnifico | November 11, 2018

Well, this one is a straight transcription of the lyrics to a song by the Birmingham band UB40. Although the music is quite frankly forgettable, lately i noticed the lyrics gave some good advice. Stupidly i didn’t heed it…when it came to it, i should’ve gotten out of there. Ah well, what else is new? […]

Conflicting moods part II

By Julian el Maestro Magnifico | November 9, 2018

Following on from the first post, this is another song/poem by Zeelandian band Bløf. Once again i tried to translate it but i am no poet. Ever since i first heard it i felt that this song conveys best the ‘comfort’ stemming from a certain longing that has been with me from my youth… As […]

Art Doodles!

By Ťε Ʀαʍα ᵃᵏᵃ Ť♅ꂅ ̶̡͗̀̊̍̓̑͌́̚͘Ç̴̙̙̿̋̔͂̕R̸̟̾Ö̶̠́͋̑͐̓W̶̢̺̲͕̘̮͈̘̯͂͜ | November 9, 2018

I had this thing with trees a while back and kept doodling trees on any paper surface I could see or find.  Trees had represented a life force of generations and it meant my family and extended family and so on.   Have you noticed the things you doodle?   My doodle things:  Trees, shapes (triangles, pyramids, circles, […]

Conflicting moods part I

By Julian el Maestro Magnifico | November 9, 2018

This and the following post are poems/songs by the Zeelandian band Bløf. They seem to describe best the continuing conflicting moods I struggle with day to day. I’ve tried to translate them to English but my meager skills doesn’t really do these lyrics justice. Anyway, here goes. The first is entitled: “Dancing at the sea […]