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When Life Cracks You Open

By Positively Positive | June 10, 2019
[Original Post] When life cracks you open and brings you to your knees, everything shifts inside. And the world, life, relationships… they start to feel really abrasive. Because they’re exactly the same as they were in the moment before you were altered to your core, but you can’t be. You’re not that person anymore. More […]

Of Course They’re Wrong

By Positively Positive | June 10, 2019
[Original Post] It seems like our take on culture is that we’re right. We shake hands properly, use a napkin properly, speak up at events properly and even greet one another on the street properly. When I’m in a foreign city, I’m always amazed at how (friendly/offputting/aloof/intimate) everyone else is. But of course, everyone else is […]

France's Le Maire says 'essential' to bolster Renault-Nissan alliance

By Reuters News Agency | June 9, 2019

FUKUOKA, Japan (Reuters) – French finance minister Bruno Le Maire on Sunday said it was vital that Renault and Nissan Motor strengthen their alliance as the auto industry undergoes rapid change in the areas of electric and connected vehicles. France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire answers a question during a news conference of the G20 […]

Transcending Rigidity and Fragility

By Positively Positive | June 9, 2019
[Original Post] When people talk about leadership, they are often referencing the expressions of leadership and not leadership itself. They’re talking about messaging, speaking on stage, rallying people in service of a vision. But at its core, leadership is the state of being that allows all of those things to be done with depth, potency, […]

Hand in Paw, Shoulder to Tail: Grieving for a Furry Friend for the First Time

By Positively Positive | June 9, 2019
[Original Post] There is an overwhelming feeling of loneliness that accompanies the initial shock of losing your beloved pet companion. The path of grief gives loneliness an entirely new meaning. There are some experiences one must endure alone, and grief is among them, further exacerbating the pain. You long for the bond that you once […]

Bradley Whitford on being the newest 'Handmaid's Tale' baddie

By Mashable Inc. | June 8, 2019

Joseph Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) is a villain unlike any we’ve seen on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ Image: elly dassas/Hulu By Proma Khosla2019-06-08 12:00:00 UTC Since The Handmaid’s Tale began to broaden its scope beyond Margaret Atwood’s existing novel, the nefarious world of Gilead has grown ever wider and more threatening.  That includes new characters in addition […]

What Phrase Best Describes Your Year so Far?

By Positively Positive | June 8, 2019
[Original Post] Here is the prompt that popped up in my five-year journal today: “Write a phrase to describe your year so far.” And just like that. The words in my brain went completely dry.  What I thought would be an easy and fun and insightful entry turned out to be a complete stumper. I […]

Do You Have These Friends? Must Friends, Trust Friends, Rust Friends, and Just Friends.

By Positively Positive | June 8, 2019
[Original Post] Ancient philosophers and contemporary scientists agree that a key — perhaps the key — to happiness is strong relationships with other people. We need to have intimate, enduring bonds; we need to be able to confide; we need to feel that we belong; we need to be able to get support, and just as important for […]

Did you really have to watch Game Of Thrones? | Oliver Burkeman

By Oliver Burkeman | June 7, 2019
[Original Post] This column will change your life Health & wellbeing Think you don’t have a choice? Think again Jean-Paul Satre’s waiter throws himself into his role because he wants to persuade himself he has no choice. Illustration: Michele Marconi/The Guardian One of the most famous (and most obnoxious) observations of the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul […]

U.S.-Mexico migration talks continue as Trump returns to Washington

By Reuters News Agency | June 7, 2019

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S.-Mexico migration talks were set to resume on Friday as Mexican officials continue their push to reach an agreement that would avert U.S. tariffs set to take effect next week. Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard exits the U.S. State Department to speak to reporters after a meeting between U.S. and Mexican officials […]