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The Questions You Should Ask When You’re Feeling Stressed and Don’t Know Why

By Positively Positive | February 3, 2019

 The one thing I hear from people most is, “My anxiety has been so absorbing that I just want to go to sleep.” You wake up, get the kids off to school, go to work, come home, clean the house, make dinner, and then attempt to spend time with your partner, but all you want […]

The Simple Power of Showing Up

By Positively Positive | February 3, 2019

“The majority of goals people pursue don’t require innate talent, or working a 12-hour a day — in most cases they lack old-fashion consistency.” –Zdravko Cvijetic The truth is, the process of success and achieving your wildest dreams is not rocket science. Often it simply requires you show up day after day. When you give your attention […]

How to Find Lasting Empowerment and Inspiration as a Woman In Business

By Positively Positive | February 2, 2019

I heard a really great story at a yoga retreat. It was told to us by my friend’s husband. He said: We come into life with a suitcase. And that suitcase is full. And we have all that we need inside that suitcase, but some people forget to open it. It gives me tingles down […]

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean your tech fears are unfounded | Oliver Burkeman

By Oliver Burkeman | February 1, 2019

This column will change your life Health & wellbeing Even if earlier warnings about TV and radio were just instances of crying wolf, that doesn’t mean that this time there isn’t a wolf ‘Perhaps me and my fellow Generation Xers aren’t just grumbly change-haters.’ Illustration: Michele Marconi/The Guardian Those of us who fret about the […]

Our Fierce Inner Critic

By Positively Positive | February 1, 2019

Do you know who the meanest person you’ll ever meet is? It’s your own inner critic and I came face-to-face with mine this week. Now why in the world would I say that a part of you is meaner than anyone else? I’m sure you can think of a time where you’ve said some nasty […]

How to Gently Shut down Passive-Aggressive Communication

By Positively Positive | February 1, 2019

Have you ever been in a situation with someone where they’re angry but they don’t use words, instead, they roll their eyes, stomp around, maybe slam a door? Or, you might be the one that’s acting out in this way: someone asks you if you’re angry or upset (you are) and you say “no”, but […]

Being an Artist Is the Most Important Job for Society!

By Positively Positive | January 31, 2019

This is not what one usually hears when choosing a life in show business. Most people get a negative reaction from their friends and family when they tell them that they are going into the arts. “They are told that being an actor, singer, dancer or musician is not a proper job.” In all honesty, artists are crucial to the quality of our lives. One of the reasons the world […]

How to Achieve Your Missed 2018 Goals in 2019

By Positively Positive | January 30, 2019

January is coming to an end, and with the New Year comes a time to reflect on the goals you achieved in the previous twelve months – as well how to overcome failure of not achieving some goals in 2018 – because your failures are just as important for your growth as your successes are. Failures teach […]

The Fit Smoothie

By Aj Tomar | January 29, 2019

Smoothies are one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself and to boost your health and immunity. A fit smoothie is one which is full of good calories, nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals while keeping trans fat foods such as sugar at bay. Smoothies save you a lot of cooking time and a plus […]

How to Become a Millionaire

By Positively Positive | January 29, 2019

I was a poor high school student with mediocre grades. I didn’t play any sports. I had few friends. I’d go home and read and watch TV all day and night. I love TV. I was a mediocre college student. But I didn’t want to get into too much debt. I took lots of extra […]