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Trump urges greater Japanese investment in U.S., criticizes trade advantage

By Reuters News Agency | May 25, 2019

TOKYO (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump urged Japanese business leaders on Saturday to increase their investment in the United States while he chided Japan for having a “substantial edge” on trade that negotiators were trying to even out in a bilateral deal. U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive aboard Air […]

Small Tools & Self-Compassion

By Positively Positive | May 25, 2019
[Original Post] When I was in high school, I loved the film ‘Clueless‘ – of course, I did. (I also love the book ‘Emma’ that it’s based on. The lesson about not interfering for perfection…that took me a little longer to absorb. I am still working on it). Why did I love Clueless so much? Beyond the obvious – ease, style, […]

A Happiness Question: What Should We Do if We Feel Like We’ve Fallen Behind or Fallen Off the Wagon?

By Positively Positive | May 25, 2019
[Original Post] When we’re trying to make our lives happier, healthier, more productive, or more creative, we often find ourselves in a frustrating situation: we fall behind or we fall off the wagon. What to do? Here are some useful points to consider: 1. Don’t beat yourself up. Although some people assume that strong feelings […]

Never assume you have the slightest clue what anyone else is feeling | Oliver Burkeman

By Oliver Burkeman | May 24, 2019
[Original Post] This column will change your life Health & wellbeing Never assume you have the slightest clue what anyone else is feeling We even smell things differently. Does this mean no amount of talking will ever clear things up? ‘The best researcher on the planet could never know my experience.’ Illustration: Michele Marconi/The Guardian […]

South Africa's Zuma must wait 3 months for court decision

By Fox News | May 24, 2019

JOHANNESBURG – Former South African president Jacob Zuma will hear in three months’ time whether corruption and other charges against him might be dropped. Pietermaritzburg High Court judges have reserved judgment on his application for a permanent stay of prosecution. No date was announced. Zuma was president from 2009 until 2018, when his African National […]

Pro-EU Dutch parties see surprise gains in first results of EU election

By Reuters News Agency | May 24, 2019

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch mainstream, EU-supporting political parties made gains in the first test of the European Parliament election, according to an exit poll that showed a surprise Labour victory and a weak showing for eurosceptics in the Netherlands. Frans Timmermans of the Party of European Socialists (PES) reacts during a press point after a […]

19 best places to travel for summer 2019

By Cable Network News | May 24, 2019

(CNN) — If you’re still deciding where to take your summer vacation, 2019 brings major anniversaries, new flight routes, buzzy museum openings and more. In no particular order, check out our picks for where to travel this summer: 1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia The Salar de Uyuni, or Uyuni Salt Flat, is a vast expanse […]

Is Ending a Relationship Selfish?

By Positively Positive | May 24, 2019
[Original Post] Ending a relationship is never easy. And often choosing to end it is just as challenging as being the one who is broken up with. When we are the person who is leaving a relationship, we often face a lot of guilt and doubt. Even if all signs point to an exit being […]

Is Tech Addiction Destroying Your Relationship?

By Positively Positive | May 24, 2019
[Original Post] How many times have you tried to have a conversation with someone and they won’t stop looking at their phone? The worst. It’s even worse when you want to have a deep or difficult conversation with your partner or loved one and they’re over there scrolling. It can feel like they’re a million miles away, […]

The Tiger Who Came To Tea author Judith Kerr dies

By British Broadcasting Corporation | May 23, 2019

The Tiger Who Came To Tea author Judith Kerr has died at the age of 95, her publisher HarperCollins says. Charlie Redmayne, head of her publisher HarperCollins, said she was “a wonderful and inspiring person who was much loved by everyone”. Kerr, who published more than 30 books over a 50-year career, dreamed up the […]