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Tower Vs Tower

Drop the color cubes from your small plane to build a tower and cap it off with a pentagon. Play against the computer or a friend (1 or 2 players). NOTE: Player 1 releases the cube by using the “W” key and player 2 uses the up arrow.

Daily Letter Logic

Everyday new letter logic puzzles in 2 sizes. Fill the grid in with the given words by clicking on a cell and then a word across or down. Use all the words correctly to finish a puzzle.

Classic Frogger

A classic from the golden age of video arcade games. Direct frogs to their homes by crossing a busy road and navigating a river full of hazards. NOTE: This game has ads.

Arcade Basketball

When was the last time you went to the arcade? How many basketballs could you shoot through the hoop? Have fun with arcade basketball. Grab the basketballs with your mouse click and shoot them into the hoop. NOTE: This game has ads.

Flappy Bird Multiplayer

Grab your friends and fly in this fun, frustrating, and addictive race to the finish. This is the famous Flappy Birds! Carefully avoid the pipes and get further than anyone else, while you see the other players fail. NOTE: This game has ads. Just press Skip This Ad.

World Cruise Hidden Objects

Are you observant? A bit of a detective? Find all the hidden objects. Click to select an object. Drag to move around the screen. NOTE: There are ads so just skip them when they appear.

Pesten Crazy Eights

Do you like to play cards? Pesten is the Dutch version of Crazy Eights. Be the first player to play away all your cards and you win! NOTE: When they appear you can just click on Skip This Ad.


Are you smart enough to solve the toughest Sudokus? This game will offer you a whole lot of different puzzles that will take a lot of ingenuity to solve. The various difficulty levels will entertain both beginners and real Sudoku veterans. NOTE: There are ads.

Stunt Car Driver

Stunt car driver is a 3D realistic stunt driving game. You can drive a variety of car models in your choice of color and style. The driving area has a range of magnificent obstacles and objects for you to perform stunts and gain points to upgrade your ride. Have a great time! Use your arrow […]

Worm Royale

This is a multiplayer game so grab some friends and have fun! You’ll start with a weak snake and grow by absorbing energy and residue left by the players. The biggest and stronger you get the more likely you are to win but be careful. You have to avoid dangerous obstacles, and never bump into […]

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New Lord Of The Rings Game Is All About Gollum

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[Original Post] Daedalic today announced a new game called The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, which is notable for the fact that a) it’s all about Gollum, who sucks, and b) it’s another attempt at a Lord of the Rings game without the fabled film license. Back around the time of the main trilogy’s release […]

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Battlefield V’s New Battle Royale Can't Stand With The Competition

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[Original Post] Battlefield V’s new mode Firestorm is a 64-player battle royale full of that true and tested Battlefield flavor. I jumped in for a few hours to find out how it plays. Check out the video above to see it in action or read some of my thoughts below. I’ve always loved the Battlefield […]

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Anthem Players Have Turned Avoiding Bad Loot Into A Game

By Kotaku Gaming News | March 25, 2019
[Original Post] Anthem’s most dedicated players spend almost as much time complaining about the lack of loot as they do grinding for it, so why are they now avoiding so many of the game’s shiny objects? Because most of them are useless junk that isn’t worth dealing with. The game limits the amount of loot […]