Terms & Conditions

Chat rooms aren’t always easy to keep clean. Respect for each other and safety are our top priorities. By submitting your registration to aka.cool you agree to the terms below. Failure to adhere to this agreement may result in your loss off privileges and access to this site.


  • All users are responsible for keeping the chat rooms clean so please report all trolls, spammers, bots, and sexual, or other inappropriate behavior, to a moderator, administrator.
  • You must be at 13 years of age to register.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the chat room.
  • For the comfort of our users the language of the chat room is English.
  • Do not use racial slurs, vulgarity, or any other offensive language. If another user is offended and asks you to stop please cooperate. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Do not upload, either in the chat or in your site profile, any images of an offensive or inappropriate nature. Any offensive images may be removed at the site’s discretion.
  • Sexting is prohibited.
  • Do not flood the chat with large amounts of text or spam with repeated content.
  • Do not use capitals excessively.
  • Do not post links to adult content or for strictly commercial purposes. You may post links to personal content as long as it is not offensive and does not contain malware or illegal material. Ask a moderator if you are unsure the link is acceptable.
  • If a moderator or administrator tells you to refrain from doing something please respect their wish and stop. You may be muted, kicked, or banned for failure to comply.
  • While AKA.COOL, and it’s administrators and moderators, do their best to provide a safe, clean, and fun environment, we cannot control the behavior of all users. Be careful about giving out personal information, such as email, your home address, your credit card information, etc. Protect your identity from anyone who may want to steal from or defraud you. In the chat you can use the /ignore feature to block anyone you feel is harassing you. Report to any inappropriate conduct to a site administrator or the site owner. If for some reason you continue to feel uncomfortable for any reason you are always free to leave.
  • AKA.COOL does not indemnify it’s administrators, moderators, or users, for personal injury liability. AKA.COOL will be held harmless will regard to any speech or actions of the users of this site and in the event users decide to meet in person or at another venue.