Best sex toys for women: Take pleasure into your own hands

[Original Post] The self-care movement is evolving and women’s sex toys are following suit. If you thought vibrators and dildos were your only option, you thought wrong. Disclosure Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Best for […]

[Original Post]
The self-care movement is evolving and women’s sex toys are following suit. If you thought vibrators and dildos were your only option, you thought wrong.

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work.

Best for beginners
Squish by Unbound
This adorable, button-free toy has risen to stardom due to simplicity: Harder squeezes equal stronger vibrations.
$99 from Unbound Babes
Best classic vibrator
Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace
You can take that tingly feeling wherever you go with this quiet vibrator that’s also a statement necklace.
$69 from Love Crave
Best rabbit vibrator
Fifty Shades of Grey G-Spot Vibrator
Rabbit vibrators are the go-to for simultaneous internal and G-spot stimulation and this one packs 36 total vibration modes.
$99.99 from Adam & Eve

If Instagram is to be believed, then self care for women basically amounts to face masks and daily affirmation apps.

Hot take: Sex toys are the ultimate self-care purchase.

Orgasms release oxytocin, the anti-stress hormone that gets you warm and fuzzy when cuddling, while dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, also makes an appearance. It stands to reason, then, that “I need to get laid” is a thing that actually makes sense to say when you’re having a rough week.

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Sex toys allow you to give yourself that needed boost whenever you damn well please, and it’s empowering to not have to rely on someone else (though toys are great for spicing things up with a partner, too). Getting to know your body is also key in developing a positive relationship with yourself — the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

Not all sex toys are made equally: Your favorite could be an oral sex simulator or clitoral stimulation via sonic waves, or maybe the Game of Moans dildo sword is what makes winter come. Whatever your preference, there’s so much more available to you than those $10 vibrators at Spencer’s in the mall.

Here are the best sex toys for women:  

Great customer service • Designed and owned by women • Extremely inconspicuous

May not be powerful enough for some

The Bottom Line

Buttons aren’t for everyone. Squish responds to your squeezes and remembers patterns you like best.

This adorable, button-free toy has risen to stardom due to simplicity: Harder squeezes equal stronger vibrations.

  • Stimulation: Clitoral
  • Vibration modes: 5
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB rechargeable: Yes
$99 from Unbound Babes
The lowdown: Is it a beauty blender? Is it a stress ball? Nope, it’s Squish. Made by women, for women, Unbound is leading the pack of unapologetic masturbators and it is freaking awesome. Just check out their Instagram.
Vibrations: An impressively powerful motor is housed in this unsuspecting egg-shaped toy, and its rumbly vibrations are deep and thrumming rather than the annoying buzz of other small toys. There’s no messing with buttons here: the harder you squish, the harder it vibrates. If you find a pattern of vibrations that feel extra good, just squeeze it out and Squish will relay the same back. 
Size and shape: The size of an actual egg, Squish fits comfortable in your hand and is easier to hold in more positions than a wand. It’s obviously soft enough to be squeezed, but is durable if you happen to get rough. Squish is meant to be an external toy only.
After receiving lots of press coverage, Squish had a lot to live up to — and the reviews confirm that the hype was totally warranted. Customer C.B. writes: 

“Squish is the best. I have always been a masturbator and have owned many toys (my first being an electric toothbrush lmao). I love how you can have the vibrations all over or you can focus it using the tip. I am religious now. God exists and she is Squish.”

Another reviewer mentions that Squish gave her her first orgasm ever, even after years of masturbating and actual sex.

Tons of vibration modes to experiment with • Super smooth texture • Lasts over a week on one charge

Size can be aggressive for some • Buttons are confusing

The Bottom Line

Find the buzz that works for you with this vibrator’s double motor design and near endless vibe possibilities.

Rabbit vibrators are the go-to for simultaneous internal and G-spot stimulation and this one packs 36 total vibration modes.

  • Stimulation: G-spot, clitoral
  • Vibration modes: 36
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB rechargeable: Yes
$99.99 from Adam & Eve
The lowdown: Unless you get turned on by bad acting and vanilla BDSM, Fifty Shades of Grey (and its even worse sequels) are not the move. We know. But something good came out of that wannabe poetic porn, and it’s the Fifty Shades of Gray Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. Forget having your own Christian Grey — this device will leave you fifty shades of satisfied.
Vibrations: Rabbit vibrators are the go-to for simultaneous internal and G-spot stimulation (a two birds, one stone kind of thing), but it’s only a matter of time before you get used to the same pulsations over and over. Lucky for you, this device has two motors (one in the bunny ears and one in the shaft) and 36 total vibration modes.
Shape: Like your traditional rabbit vibrator, this one uses two flexible bunny ears to thrum both sides of the clitoris and a curved tip to please those deep, hard-to-reach spots. The black silicone is satiny smooth and gives it a (dare we say?) classy look. It’s a hefty 9.5 inches long, so water or oil-based lube is recommended.
Customer Miss.Picky writes:

“I am highly picky about my vibrators. I like lower settings for a good tease and warm up, but when I increase the intensity I want it to be able to pack a punch too!! This vibrator does all of that and more….What amazes me even more Is that I can get the same amount of pleasure using either the G-spot OR the clitoral stimulator which is great for mixing things up if I don’t want to go all out right away with both or if one area is getting too sensitive after orgasming multiple times. If I could give it more stars I would. I am more excited to get back into my toy drawer than ever before with this addition”

Aside from the fact that you can literally use this every day for a month and still get a different vibration each time, having so many speed and pattern possibilities lets you experiment and find the buzz that works for you.

Doubles as a genuinely stylish necklace • Charges quickly • Super quiet • Can be engraved

May be too skinny for less-sensitive people • 40-minute battery life

The Bottom Line

No gimmicks here — this slim vibrator is powerful for its size and really does look like jewelry.

You can take that tingly feeling wherever you go with this quiet vibrator that’s also a statement necklace.

  • Stimulation: Clitoral
  • Vibration modes: 4
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB rechargeable: Yes
$69 from Love Crave
The lowdown: In the sea of vibrators sold online, trying to pick one that’s customizable yet inconspicuous enough to leave on your nightstand can be tricky. The Vesper stainless steel vibrator doubles as a necklace to discreetly take on the go. Tons of vibrators are technically portable, but there’s just something extra sneaky and sexy about walking into Target with a vibrator around your neck. 
Vibrations: The Vesper necklace uses a single button to switch between steady low, medium, and high modes, plus a riveting pulsation mode. It’s not nearly as many options as other toys offer, but you can literally use it anywhere without worry of it falling out of your bag — so there’s not much room for complaining.
Shape and size: The pendant itself is 3.75 inches long (slightly smaller than your average vibrator, but that makes it much more portable.) The chain is also stainless steel and 26 inches long, letting the vibrator hang nicely on any outfit without getting lost down your shirt.
Customer Miss Appreciation writes:

“It’s stunning, functional and absolutely perfect for someone who requires clitoral stimulation for orgasm. It goes perfectly with my jewelry collection so I wear it often as a statement piece. The gold is super high quality and has maintained it’s original luster since I bought it over 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve recommended the Vesper to all of my friends and even bought some as gifts. This is so much more than a sex toy–it’s absolutely my favorite functional jewelry piece I own!”

Are ou one of those people who needs all your jewelry to match? Crave also offers the Vesper in rose gold and plate 24K gold. Did we mention they can be engraved?

Extremely powerful for a standalone ring • Can be used solo or with a partner • Flexes to accomodate sizes

Expensive • Buttons need to be bigger

The Bottom Line

The tiny-but-mighty Je Joue Mio sends rumbly vibrations to both partners through stretchy, soft silicone.

One of the best cock rings to help you achieve dual pleasure, the Je Joue Mio offers a comfy fit and impressive rumbles.

  • Stimulation: Clitoral
  • Vibration modes: 12
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB rechargeable: Yes
$109 from Babeland
The lowdown: Not all cock rings are made strictly for male pleasure. While a lot of them are the shitty rubber ones, London-based company Je Joue came up with a design that has no trouble finding the right spot.
Vibrations: You don’t have to use a French translator to know that “Je Joue” sounds hot (it means “I play”), and the Je Joue Mio certainly lives up to the steamy name. The rumbling is so powerful that it apparently can be felt beyond the part it’s physically touching. With five speeds and seven vibration patterns, both partners can find an agreed-upon tingle.
Size and shape: Instead of sticky rubber that tugs at the skin, the Mio is padded with velvety silicone and easily stretches around the penis or dildo (up to two inches in diameter). Unlike others on the market, there are no nubs or bumps sticking out — which is could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preference.
An anonymous customer writes:

“I’m rapidly becoming obsessed with cock rings as awesome, multi-purpose couples toys, and the Mio is top of it’s class where vibrating cock rings are concerned. I’m a long time fan of Je Joue’s powerful, rumbly vibrations, and my partner loved the squish of the silicone ring. He’s very girthy, by the way, and found it comfortable to wear. I love that you have the ability to use the silicone ring as a handle to use this as a little external vibrator. Also, pro tip someone can put that ring in their mouth, too. ;-)”

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend $100 on a tiny cock ring, this one by IMO is $25 and has pretty great reviews. However, you could always spring for the pricier one and split the cost with your partner.

Intense pairing of vibration, air, and suction • 4-hour battery • Autopilot mode

The Bottom Line

Air and suction is present in all Womanizer toys, but the Premium’s autopilot mode can’t be beat.

Get the sensation of oral sex with this erotic combo of air, suction, and pattern randomization.

  • Stimulation: Clitoral
  • Vibration modes: 12
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB rechargeable: Yes
$219 from Ella Paradis
The lowdown: Ignoring the fact that this toy sounds like it was definitely named by a man, this cult-favorite brand offers an entire line of sleek toys that stimulate the clit with a combination of suction and air pressure.
Vibrations: WHEW, CHILD. Womanizer wants to redefine pleasure with its Pleasure Air technology, which stimulates indirectly and creates a gentle sucking sensation with a seal around the silicone edges. A fan-favorite setting is Smart Silence Autopilot, which takes you for a different ride each time by randomly choosing patterns and prolonging the climax.
Size and shape: This bean shape is pretty common with suction and air devices, and the action takes place in a hole at the top. At less than six inches tall, it’s easily handheld in any position. Bonus: Bigger and smaller replacement heads are available to switch up the coverage area.
Customer Zoe T. writes:

“Everything ! E V E R Y T H I N G about this little fella is awesome. Soft, beautiful, reliable OMG! The silence smart feature is sooooo good. Its like the iPhone that turns on and off automatically. The Autopilot mode changes the intensity levels randomly. Kinda cool, but I prefer to control it myself. If quality has its price, this one should be priceless LOL. GET ONE!!!!”

The Lelo Ora 2 is one of the only competing toys to offer similar oral sex sensations, but we’e heard it’s pretty hit or miss. However, if you just couldn’t be womanized, the donut-shaped device is worth a try.

Great customer service • Ergonomic and portable • Made to go under water

Can be loud • Expensive at full price

The Bottom Line

Standing in the shower or laying in the bath, the Sona offers unique sonic waves and suction without even making physical contact.

This ergonomic toy sucks (in a good way) and uses sonic waves to hit interior parts of the clitoris.

  • Stimulation: Clitoral
  • Vibration modes: 8
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB-rechargeable: Yes
$169 from Lelo
The lowdown: Want to know something sad? Your average vibrator probably doesn’t hit more than quarter of your clitoris. But behold, a new wave of sex toys is coming through to provide a more all-encompassing massage experience.
Vibrations: If you haven’t experienced sonic pulses yet, you need to. The Sona Cruise by Lelo is able to send waves to areas of your vagina that can’t be reached with outside vibrations, and has a cruise-control method to let you sit back and enjoy. There’s also a slight element of suction.
The vibes are louder than preferred, so while it’s safe to take in your duffle to an AirBNB, we can’t guarantee a roommate or partner won’t hear it.
Size and shape: This perfectly sized toy is ideal for holding in those awkward shower positions where bigger toys get uncomfortable. Because it’s made from a single piece of solid silicone, it can be completely submerged in the bath without worry of liquid seeping through cracks. The pulses can get through even without making physical contact, so water won’t interrupt anything.
Customer Amy H. writes:

“I bought this for myself for a Christmas present. I also own the Ora 2, the wand, and the Luna Beads…but this baby is my new favorite! It’s very well designed to fit comfortably in your hand and delivers an unbelievable sensation without pressure or “overstimulation”. This thing is just amazing in every way. I love Lelo and all of their products and if you’re on the fence about it, GET IT. You wont regret it.”

Click fast and you might catch Lelo during one of their sales, making the Lelo as low as $79. If you’re looking to spend a little less, the classic Sona (same exact design minus cruise control) is usually on sale for $79.

3.5-inch tapered tip for starting slow • Super affordable • Easy to clean

Needs batteries

The Bottom Line

The Butt Tingler is great for showing newbies the ropes, but cheap enough to ditch if you’re not into it.

Though not the prettiest one out there, it exceeds expectations as a beginner-friendly option.

  • Stimulation: Anal
  • Vibration modes: 10
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB rechargeable: No
$24.99 from Lovehoney
The lowdown: If you’re new to anal play, easing into it is a must. That’s where butt plugs come in — and the Butt Tingler is a great, slow-and-steady place to start.
Vibrations: Butt plugs aren’t always electric, and a piece of glass as your first-time experience just may not seem appealing. The Butt Tingler does exactly what it sounds like, offering two vibration speeds and three patterns to help you find the sensation that works back there. Customers seem to love pulsation mode, which is said to tickle areas you didn’t even know existed.
Size and shape: This model sports a 3.5-inch tapered tip (rather than the 4.5-inch model, which is probably better for veteran users). The gentle curves and cushy silicone make inserting a smoother process, but lube is always a good idea.
Customer Daisychain 2 writes:

“Bought this as my first anal toy. Was not a letdown.

Size is perfect. It’s not big or too small, just right. Vibrations are great, you can choose just what feels right for you. Easy to use. Material is perfect, texture is great and is easy to clean and take care of!

At just $25, the Butt Tingler is also cheap enough to get rid of if the anal experience isn’t for you. It’s not as cute as the glittery ones, but that can come later.

Comfy curved handle for any position • Also ace for partner use • Cordless

Reports of devices that stop working

The Bottom Line

Lelo sets the standard for masturbation-specific wands with intensity that increases naturally.

A curved handle and naturally-increasing intensity prove that wands made for masturbation are better than your generic “personal massager.”

  • Stimulation: Clitoral
  • Vibration modes: 8
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB rechargeable: Yes
$159 from Lelo
The lowdown: You’ve probably seen “personal massagers” on Amazon claiming that they’re for back pain — but trust us, there are many people out there using them as sex toys. However, those long, straight handles aren’t the most ergonomic. The Lelo Smart Wand is a unique wand that was made specifically to be used down there.
Vibrations: Finally, vibrations made specifically for clitoral arousal and not for kneading a back knot. You’ll notice the difference when the Lelo’s tactile response function starts increasing intensity on its own — a much more natural progression than the traditional wand. Lelo refers to the pleasure as “eye-crossing.”
Size and shape: Whether you’re lying down, sitting, or standing, the Smart Wand Medium’s curved handle is comfy for long bouts of angled holding and short enough to stay out of the way. (There is a large version, too.) Like Lelo’s other toys, the Smart Wand rocks a metallic grip and looks luxurious AF.
Customer PleasedNorCal writes:

“When you want something that brings you to where you need to be, reliably, with the ability to adjust style and intensity, this is what you want. After all, sometimes you want it sublte and a bit gentle, yet other times you want major intensity. This one does it. AND has a really good long battery life.”

If you’re just not feeling this, the Hitachi Magic Wand has been a community favorite forever.

Great for long-distance relationships • Customized vibrations • Can be used for couple or solo play

90-minute battery life • App isn’t always reliable

The Bottom Line

We-Vibe makes pleasure across distances accessible with a Bluetooth massager and app-controlled vibrations.

Couples can use the app with this remote-controlled vibrator to up the intimacy, even if you’re states apart.

  • Stimulation: G-spot, clitoral
  • Vibration modes: 12
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB rechargeable: Yes
$219 from Ella Paradis
The lowdown: Just because you’re taking your pleasure into your own hands doesn’t mean your partner’s hands can’t help. There are plenty of couple-friendly toys out there, but too many get in the way during sex — and those don’t do much good for long-distance couples who are struggling to keep physical passion afloat.
Enter the We-Vibe Sync: A remote-controlled and app-enabled vibrator that works for couples or just as great as a way to change up personal playtime.
Vibrations: There are 12 settings in total that can be selected via buttons on the remote or with a tap on your phone screen. Here, the person in charge can control intensity of the internal and external massagers, choose from pre-set vibrations, or create a custom pattern of tickles. The display itself tracks your selections in what looks like a heartbeat monitor — and in a way, that’s kind of what it is.
Size and shape: The Sync is a G-spot and clitoris stimulator that uses a motor on each end to massage internally and externally at the same time. The material itself is bendable and was made to fit with any body type and sex position — because We-Vibe knows there’s nothing worse than slipping out at the most important moment.
Customer Sam writes:

“So my husband and I have been living in separate states for a few months due to military life. We wanted something that could spice up our life when we are together and apart. Let me tell you this did the trick. He loved that he could be in another state and control everything. I love that the app lets you video chat as well. Best toy we’ve ever invested in! We highly recommend it! The discreet carrying case makes it perfect to travel with for when we visit on long weekends!”

Choose from blue or purple and use code TAKE15 to take an extra 15% off.

Company’s products have amazing reviews • Doesn’t short you on size • Impressively detailed craftsmanship

Doesn’t flex at all • Reviews are hard to find

The Bottom Line

This sturdy silicone member will be a lot more comfortable than boinking Jon Snow in a cave.

The eighth season may not be moan-worthy, but this girthy dildo version of Jon Snow’s sword is.

  • Stimulation: G-spot, anal
  • Vibration modes: None
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • USB rechargeable: N/A
$150 from Geeky Sex Toys
The lowdown: Every avid Game of Thrones fan has at least one character on their sexual fantasy list. You may not be able to to fulfill those dreams, but you can have themed masturbation with the “Game of Moans” Long Shaft dildo, modeled after Jon Snow’s sword. “Winter is coming” just got a whole new meaning.
Vibrations: It’s not a vibrating dildo, so you or a partner will have to do the work — just like in Westeros. However, the shaft is long and should have no trouble tickling the right spots, while the sword’s the hilt allows for control of its direction and “max penetration and pleasure.”
Size and shape: The site describes it as a “long, thick shaft” and they’re not kidding: it maxes out at a whopping 11.5 inches long and has a 4-inch girth.
The craftsmanship of the toy is pretty spot-on. It’s as close to the look of Valyrian steel as you can get with silicone, and the details in the handle are better than many actual toy replicas.
Finding reviews about this specific model is near impossible, but the internet seems to be obsessed with the site’s other toys, so we can assume the quality remains high across the board. Customer Emily writes:

“I am 1 extremely satisfied customer. I can not gush enough over the craftsmanship of this toy! The aesthetic is flawless. The texture is amazing and realistic, the suction cup could probably pull a dent put of your car. It’s soft and pliable which is my preference. It’s still firm enough to get a good grip on”

The sword has been on sale for $110 for a while, and you may still be able to catch the discount. Alternatively, if you’re one of the people who thinks the Night King can get it, Geeky Sex Toys also sells a glow-in-the-dark dildo appropriately called the Night Kink.

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