Why aka.cool?

This is a worldwide friendly chat community. We know many people have been searching for alternative social media sites after feeling seriously betrayed by social media giants that allow government agencies to monitor and collect their users’ data. Some sell data to corporations. Others censor or demonetize those who espouse non-traditional ideologies.

We respect your privacy, your safety, and your right to determine how your data is used. If you love posting, commenting, reviewing, and friending, without government snooping, this is the site for you. If you want to remain anonymous you can! We won’t sell your data. Chat, write stories, share photos, join groups, build forums, … do it all, in a safe and friendly social neighborhood called aka.cool - a community built on mutual respect. Bring your friends and family! Registration is free.

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Who We Are

AKA.COOL are free clean chat rooms tailored to the needs of good people looking for a safe environment in which to chat.

The chat rooms are easy to use and fun! Please take a moment to review the chat rules as well as the safety tips. Enjoy chatting!

Chat Safety

A clean chat room is one not indented for dating, hookups, or adult material.

Clean chat rooms are here for people who want to talk as they would in a coffee house. The conversations are respectful, interesting, and often humorous.

Got Questions

Before you contact us directly, see if you can find the answer to your question right here.

From how to register for AKA.COOL, or for other chat info check out our FAQ's section

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AKA.COOL How to register

A brief walk though of aka.cool registration process. Find out exactly what information you have to provide and how to verify you account so you can start enjoying all of the community features

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AKA.COOL Profile Overview

This video goes over the site profile for AKA.COOL. It discusses the profile setting and all the features of the profile itself

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AKA.COOL Chatroom OverView

Overview of the new, improved chatroom on AKA.COOL. I explained the features and how to edit your info.

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